Almost a century and always on the cutting edge

EA FACADE, the historic expert of infill panels for lightweight facades

Founded in 1923 and based in Duttlenheim, Alsace, not far from Strasbourg, EA FACADE began manufacturing advertising panels and street signs from enamelled sheet metal.

Specialised in bonding techniques and sheet metal work, EA FACADE has focused its activity on the manufacturing of façade panels since the 1960s. Facade panels are infill elements for lightweight facades that integrate into the curtain walls and ensure the closing of the building envelope.

Emaillerie Alsacienne Facade exports its expertise and know how worldwide: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Luxembourg, Poland, Austria, Saudi Arabia and French Overseas.

Know-how subjected to technical evaluation

EA FACADE designs and manufactures tailor-made lightweight facades elements subjected to Technical Evaluation. The quality of their components and their custom made manufacturing allow meeting the highest expectations of all construction professionals. Available in a wide range of materials and finishes, panels will create the aesthetic and provide the performance required for any residential or tertiary new build or renovation project.

Involved team and production capacity

The sales team is here to provide advice and support to facilitate the completion of your project: finishing (enamelled glass, stratified...), sound, thermal and fire regulation...

EA FACADE has advanced production facilities for high quality manufacturing. Sheet metal workshop (folding, shearing), carpentry and gluing lines with integrated presses enable flexibility and responsiveness for the delivery of orders.

More than 50 years of expertise in the industry of infill panels for lightweight facades & nearly 100 years of proximity and service make EA FACADE your industrial partner of infill panels for lightweight façades.