Bespoke products

Facade panels are infill elements used for lightweight facades, watertight and available in different finishes (glass, steel, laminate…) .


Custom made, EA FACADE adapts each panel to your specifications. Aesthetic, thermal, acoustic, fire, depending on your plans. Our design office provides a personalized service depending on your needs in order to give you a unique product that will meet the requirements of your façade.


New build – Renovation, residential multidwelling unit, tertiary (educational establishment, office, local government premises, public building, etc.), ALSA CB-E panels meets all building types.

Elegance, safety, insulation


The ALSA CB-E panels collection blends elegantly with the glazed elements of your façade. It comes in a variety of external finishes, allowing you to experiment with materials, reflections and colours: enamelled glass, steel, aluminium, laminate, fibre cement.


Manufactured using highly insulating materials such as extruded polystyrene or mineral wool, ALSA CB-E panels provide exceptional thermal insulation, and comply with the requirements of the French 2012 thermal regulations.

The Up thermal transmission coefficient characterizes the panel's ability to provide thermal insulation. The lower this value, the greater the panel's thermal insulation.


ALSA CB-E panels enhance the acoustic insulation of buildings. They comply with the regulations relating to the acoustic insulation of buildings against external noise in areas classified as IV, i.e., "unrestricted". Certified studies and tests can be performed, on request, for any project with specific acoustic insulation requirements. The ability of the panel to insulate against noise pollution is measured by its sound attenuation expressed in dB. Depending upon the type of panel, the sound attenuation performance of our panels is between 25 and 44 dB. The relevant reports are available upon request.


When used as spandrel panels, our panels protect against the risk of falls from height in accordance with the requirements of CSTB specification No. 3076.


Their made-to-measure design allows the fire protection performance of our panels to be tailored to the requirements for each building type. ALSA CB-E panels meet the requirements of CSTB specification No. 3076.


Thanks to their exceptional quality, the panels' watertight components can withstand any climate.

A whole team at your disposal

The company puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its activity. A team of 30 people is at your disposal. Aesthetic and technical advices, delivery information, after-sales service ... sales team, design office, production and logistic teams make every effort to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Technical evaluation, safety guarantee


The whole collection of EA FACADE panels is subjected to technical evaluation. A voluntary and committed approach which certifies that our products meet strict manufacturing regulations, high quality requirements and traceability on construction sites.

Get a Technical Evaluation with the CSTB is a daily human and financial commitment. The constitution of a technical evaluation folder requests of many justifications to prove that the products meet the requirements defined by the “EdR” classification :

- E : the indoor moisture behavior

- d : the durability of the external layer

- R : a panel's resistance to impact, fire, as well as the thermal, acoustic and fire requirements.

Only an infill element under CSTB Technical Evaluation allows obtain a ten-year guarantee by an insurer.

Choose the facade panels EA FACADE, is ensuring a safe construction!